Montana Sales

Joe & Brenda Clark

Genesis Mountain and Serenity Estates

Genesis Lands specializes in producing sustainable development of mountain lands. We understand the unique requirements of building roads and infrastructure in mountainous terrain. Our goal is to maximize balance between access and land attributes while producing safe and livable mountain living. This goal is achieved by taking the time and resources to properly study and engineer the projects. Joe and Brenda Clark founded the company in 2002.

Joe & Brenda are best known for their role in the log furniture industry. They started Frontier Furniture in 1973 when no one else was commercially producing hand peeled log furniture. When they sold in 2002 Frontier Furniture was servicing 90 dealers and had a thriving presence on the web. They also built and managed five drive-thru espresso companies.

Today they are hands on, boots on the ground involved in developing land in both, Montana, USA and the west coast of Costa Rica.